Sisma in Croazia. Soliderietà dell'Anaao Assomed ai colleghi croati

Dear  Presidente Troise, dear fellow  ANAAO ASSOMED members!

On my own behalf and on behalf of all HLS members, and especially on behalf of colleagues whose homes were destroyed in the terrible earthquake that hit Petrinja on December 29, 2020, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful gesture and donation you sent to HLS.

Such a tragedy can only be completely  understood by someone who has experienced something similar, and you have unfortunately experienced it.

We are all very pleasantly surprised by your gesture of solidarity , and especially our members from Petrinja !

The HLS leadership will do everything they can to fairly distribute your donation to those who need it most, so that they can start living normally again as soon as possible.

Special thanks to Dr. Ilan Rosenberg, FEMS 2nd Vice President , who initiated this beautiful humane gesture of solidarity towards Croatian doctors whose homes were destroyed by the earthquake.

Many thanks to the Presidency and all  ANAAO ASSOMED members for the humanity and solidarity you have shown in difficult times for us, showing  in this way that humanity and collegiality know no boundaries!

Our Italian colleagues will forever have a special and honorable place among us!


Renata Čulinović-Čaić

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